Solar PV Cells Weekly Price


MULTI PERC CELL 18.80%157X157 0.480 56.25 Per Pcs Negative Change Sign 0.002
 Negative Change Sign 0.45%
MULTI CELL18.60%157X157 0.470 55.25 Per Pcs Negative Change Sign 0.003
 Negative Change Sign 0.55%
MONO PERC CELL22.20 - 22.50158.75 X 158.75 0.66 70.25 Per Pcs  Negative Change Sign 0.015
 Negative Change Sign 0.75%
MONO PERC CELL - 22.20%22.00 - 22.20158.75 X 158.75 0.65 76.25 Per Pcs Negative Change Sign 0.025
Negative Change Sign 1.25%
MONO PERC CELL22.80166 X 166 0.570 66.75 Per Pcs Negative Change Sign 0.028
Negative Change Sign 1.30%
MONO PERC CELL22.80182 X 182 0.099 11.60 Per Watt - Negative Change Sign 0.020
Negative Change Sign 1.20%
MONO PERC CELL22.80210 X 210 0.1250 14.65 Per Watt Negative Change Sign 0.015
- Negative Change Sign 1.15%
for  Multi/Mono PERC Cell  The Prices are mainly represented for solar cells with 22 %+ efficiency or 9+BB  with 22.3%+ efficiency.

Solar PV  Modules Weekly Price

POLY SOLAR MODULE 0.196 23.50 Per Watt Negative Change Sign 0.003
Negative Change Sign 0.55%
POLY PERC MODULE 0.213 24.50 Per Watt Negative Change Sign 0.003
Negative Change Sign 0.55%
MONO PERC MODULE 0.234 26.50 Per Watt Negative Change Sign 0.005
Negative Change Sign 0.60%
158mm 405/410W PERC MODULE 0.233 28.50 Per Watt - 0 0%
166mm 440/445Wp PERC MODULE 0.230 28.50 Per Watt - 0 0%
182mm 535/540Wp PERC MODULE 0.239 31.25 Per Watt - 0 - 0%
210mm 590/595Wp PERC MODULE 0.246 32.25 Per Watt - 0 - 0%
THIN FILM SOLAR MODULE  0.225 24.50 Per Watt  - 0 - 0%
Visit here for more detail module price information
last updated on 02-06-2023


  USD INR UNIT      
EVA ( 0.4MM) 0.85 115 Per SQM Positive Change Sign 0.006 Positive Change Sign 0.9%
BACKSHEET (1500VDC) 1.35 145 Per SQM Positive Change Sign 0.005 Positive Change Sign 0.7%
310 ML CATRIDGE 2.05 180 Per PC Positive Change Sign 1.150 Positive Change Sign 2.6%
SUASAGE 2.25 270 Per PC - 0 - 0%
270KGS DRUM   380 Per KG - 0 - 0%
280 ML CATRIDGE 1.40 135 Per PC - 0 - 0%
270KGS DRUM        
ALUMINIUM FRAME (KGS) 2.9 380 Per KG - 0 - 0%
JUNCTION BOX 2 WAY 0.13 10 Per PC - 0 - 0%
JUNCTION BOX 3 WAY 0.6 45 Per PC - 0 - 0%
JUNCTION BOX 4 WAY 2.55 245 Per PC - 0 - 0%
BUS BAR ( 5MM X 0.25M) 10 1100 Per KG - 0 - 0%
INTERCONNECT ( 0.9MM X 0.15MM) 12 1110 Per KG - 0 - 0%
UPTO 2 SQM 13.25 1225 Per SQM - 0 - 0%
* As per Govt norms Safeguard Duty ( SGD) of 14.90% will be applicable on Non DCR Cells ( Imported cells ) during the period from 30th July 2020 to 29th January 2021 ( both dates inclusive)
* An GST of 12% is applicable on Cells and Modules
* Above prices are on Ex-Work from India and FOB for any Import
* % change is calculated based on last weeks prices

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